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Tinker’s Imbolc Simmer Pot


Celebrate Imbolc or the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox with this Imbolc Simmer pot. Simmer pots are used to celebrate the change of the seasons and for cleansing your space. They are a natural way to add scent and humidity to your home. They use herbal magick as well as the four elements: water, herbs/earth, heat/fire, and steam/air. 

Angelica Root- Protection

Basil- Happiness, Love

Bay Leaf- Success 

Blackberry- Prosperity, Healing 

Blackthorn Berry- Banish Negativity 

Coltsfoot- Peace 

Chamomile- Calming 

Lemongrass- Cleansing

Oat- Emotional Strength  

Fill a small pot half full with water. As you add the contents of the simmer pack to your pot concentrate on your intentions. You can stir clockwise if your intent is to attract something, or counterclockwise if your intent is banishing. Bring yo a boil over medium heat and then lower heat to simmer uncovered. Add more water as necessary to keep the ingredients free-flowing. The contents can be cooled, covered, and refrigerated to be reused until degraded. The ingredients can be discarded by returning to the earth. 
Do not leave the simmer pot unattended

Not for consumption 

Do not use if allergic to ingredients 

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