Witch's Way Craft

Selenite and Amethyst Pendant - Gold


Gorgeous and dainty necklace with a selenite bar and a small piece of amethyst attached

Pendant made in Brazil, necklace made in Philadelphia 

Comes with 20 inch metal/gold plated chain 

Selenite is associated with the water element and the Moon. It is strongly connected to lunar deities. Selenite is highly effective in cleansing and charging, and is good for intentions of divination and clarity. PLEASE NOTE: Selenite can naturally shed and is not water-safe.

Amethyst is associated with the water element, as well as Jupiter and Neptune. This stone is associated with deities such as Bacchus, Dionysus, and Diana. It is a powerful and preferred stone for intentions around dreams, developing psychic abilities and intuition, peace, love, courage, and happiness.


*Please note each necklace will vary as crystals are unique and one of a kind 

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