Witch's Way Craft

Obsidian Pumpkin Crystal


Genuine handmade obsidian pumpkin!


These pumpkin crystals have NO carved faces on them and are simply just a beautiful pumpkin.



Pumpkins are traditionally used to celebrate Fall and are used by witches/spiritual folk during Fall, Mabon, and Samhain. Symbolically, the pumpkin is often linked to rebirth and fertility, and they also symbolize harvests and crops. They fit the season in which Halloween falls every year. For those who go 'trick or treating', a luminous pumpkin on the stairs is the symbol that those who live there want a visit. Pumpkins are also one of the more resilient fruit, finding ways to grow large and bulging amongst sparse soil and sharing nutrients along a connected vine that reaches into the ground to replenish itself. It is perhaps for this reason that pumpkins have become symbols of prosperity, growth and abundance.


Crystals are natural and may contain natural flaws and variations. We do not refund for items with natural flaws and variations.

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