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Soulshine and Moonbeams Capricorn Full Moon Florida Water


Florida Water is a spiritual cologne water used as a body splash or room freshener and also used in spiritual practices for cleansing and clearing energy.

This batch was made and charged under the Capricorn Full Moon and set with intentions of releasing the obstacles keeping us from Getting to Work. So many things in the world feel like they need us right now from community connection to financial constraints to social justice and when that many things need our energy, we can sometimes find ourselves not knowing where to start. This batch was created to help clear the way and feel ready to get busy with all that Doing that Capricorns love best (plus a little added boost of being able to hear/voice our truths once our vision is clear so we know where we want to go).

Ingredients: vodka, moon water, yerba mate, apple, oat, licorice root, sea salt, rosemary, carnation, slippery elm bark, bay leaf, garnet

-Spot test on skin for allergies/sensitivities.


Made by Soulshine & Moonbeams in Pennsylvania

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