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Zebra Onyx Cat - G


Zebra onyx comes from the State of Puebla in Mexico. Zebra onyx is a combination of yellow, white and black onyx and will resonate with all the vibrations each type of onyx. 
Yellow onyx is known for its ability to remove feelings of codependence, and helps one to master their fate. White onyx is great for assisting in the removal of worry and nervousness, and helping one to realize that there is no such thing as true separation. Black onyx is great for protection from negative energies.
Overall Zebra Onyx is a stone that helps with inner work, therefore, Zebra onyx represents Protection and Stress Removal.

Length: 4 inches

Weight: 8 ounces 


Please note that these are natural stones and vary in appearance, they may have small natural and unique flaws

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