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Mystery Crystal Box


Mystery Box contents are guaranteed to be worth MORE than paid price for the actual mystery box. Mystery boxes ARE NOT a separate box, the crystals will come packaged with the rest of your order with little papers that identify the crystal names. 

These make a great gift and are extremely fun to open!

Items in mystery boxes include but are not limited to clusters, points, palm stones, tumbled stones, rough stones, and uniquely cut stones. (Crystal Jewelry, pendulums, and runes MAY be added ONLY IF they are requested in the notes) We have plenty of inventory that isn't listed on our site so do not assume you'll get something that is listed on here! 

No two boxes are the same!

Choose from 7 different priced options!








If you have any requests or suggestions you can leave them in the order note at check out and we will do my best to take them into consideration while picking your crystals.

Suggestions can include: favorite color, box for house warming, box for mom, prefer 1 crystal as opposed to many crystals etc.


We cannot guarantee to be able to fulfil any exact requests (i.e. you order a $20 box and ask for moldavite) but we will absolutely do our best to get you what you want!   

An original pricing list of items can be sent in a message to ensure the guaranteed pricing. Please email with a photo of your crystals included in your box for a value breakdown.

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