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Grapefruit Cleanse Bath Salt - Tinkers Co


Made locally in Conhohocken, PA by Tinkers Co. 

Ritual or spiritual bathing is used in many cultures to cleanse and promote the well being of the mind, body, and spirit. Self Love Bath Salts are set with the intention of promoting self acceptance, kindness, respect, caring, protection, compassion, and healing. Add desired amount to the reusable cotton bag and allow salts to steep in warm bath water.


Grapefruit and Grapefruit Oil- Cleansing, Purification

Hyssop- Lightens Vibrations

Burdock- Cleanses Negative Feelings 

Lemon Verbena- Purification, Love 

Marjoram- Cleansing, Purification 

Sea Salt- Grounding, Protection 

Epsom Salt- (Used in) Ritual Bathing 

Grape seed Oil- Spiritual Development 

 Grapefruit Cleanse Bath Salts come with a reusable drawstring cotton muslin bag to make for easy tub cleanup, as well as a slice of dried grapefruit and clean quartz. 


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