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Soulshine and Moonbeams Gemini Full Moon Florida Water 4 oz.


Florida Water is a spiritual cologne water used as a body splash or room freshener and also used in spiritual practices for cleansing and clearing energy.

This batch was made and charged under the Gemini Full Moon and set with intentions of widening perception. Gemini brings the ability to see (and let's face it, argue) all sides of a situation. Our truth is filtered through our own lenses, and this water is meant to help expand your lens and perspective in order to distill down to a more Universal truth. It is meant to help find clarity by finding greater understanding.

Ingredients: vodka, moon water, green tea, jasmine, eucalyptus, lavender, lime
Crystals used for charging (not in water itself): Rainbow Fluorite, Kyanite, Black Moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone, Grey Moonstone, Green Moonstone, Amethyst, Sunset Sodalite, Elmwood Fluorite, Clear Quartz

-Florida Water was not set out under the Eclipse moon on Nov 29-30 and moon water was charged Nov 28-29, but was still created during the Eclipse Full Moon and may have some extra magic or be a bit more raw than ones created under a non-eclipse moon.
-Spot test on skin for allergies/sensitivities.


Made locally in Pennsylvania by Soulshine & Moonbeams

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