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African American Magick: A Modern Grimoire for the Natural Home by Stephanie Rose Bird


An inspired herbal guide to natural living with ancient techniques, remedies, and rituals from around the world centered on the rhythms of the seasons.
The changing of the seasons is magickal—green leaves transforming into browns and golds, snow melting to show fresh buds. We all recognize these telltale signs, but
few of us are aware of the powerful impact each season has on our spiritual lives. Whether sunny, snowy, windy, rainy, cold, or humid, the weather has a dramatic effect on our being wherever we may live.
The author,
Stephanie Rose Bird, is deeply committed to keeping alive the spiritual wisdom of her indigenous African ancestors. In African American Magick, she examines the magickal ability of the seasons to enhance our lives by unearthing ancient techniques, rituals, and methods from around the world that reflect each season’s inherent energies to supplement body, mind, and soul.
Drawing upon her own ancestral heritage, as well as other cultures and those that have influenced her, Bird offers a lifetime of wisdom and expert botanical knowledge while sharing her path to a holistic and magickal life. Guidance from all over the world, and from classical and modern traditions alike, are offered:

  • Spiritual insights from Caribbean African American culture
  • Wisdom from indigenous Native American traditions
  • Buddhist and Hindu meditation practices and rites
  • Practices of classical European spiritual traditions
  • Lessons from Aboriginal Australian “dreaming” practices

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