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Black Witch's Spell Salt


Black Witch's Salt

A common witchy ingredient/tool.

This Black Witch's Salt is made and hand packaged in Conshohocken

This salt is great for casting spells of many kinds, particularly banishing and protection. A common way to use it is to sprinkle it on your door step to keep away negative energy and unwanted guests/neighbors. We also add it into many of our herb mixtures and ritual bath mixtures.

Use for protection and cleansing of a space

Banishes negative energy 

Sprinkle in 4 corners of a room 

or outside of a doorway 

Carry in your car or while traveling

Use in ritual baths and as a scrub

It makes for a great altar tool as well.

Made from a traditional recipe


Please do NOT splash water into the bag or jar, do not reach in with wet hands - our salts are preservative free and water will cause early spoilage.

Children should always be supervised when using this product

For external use only!


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