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Freeform Prehnite and Epidote Sterling Silver Ring - Size 8

$75 $95

This stunning combination blends the sweet cleansing and forgiving energies of Prehnite with the grounding and empowering energy of Epidote. Prehnite & Epidote has a very high energy for transformation and creation. It assists in helping one to feel happier, more peaceful & empowered. It helps one to amplify their power of manifestation, unconditional love & healing. Prehnite and Epidote is a wonderful tool used to help one be more mindful and accepting of reality, as well as remaining in the present. 

 Sterling Silver has a long history of use in healing practices. It is associated with the water element and the Moon. This metal is connected with feminine energy and deities such as Isis, Diana, Luna, Selene, and Lucina. 


.925 Sterling Silver - Size 8


Crystals are natural and may contain natural flaws and inclusions, we do not refund for items with natural flaws and inclusions.


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