Witch's Way Craft

Herkimer Diamond Sterling Silver Ring - Size 7


Gorgeous herkimer diamond ring!


Known as the 'Stone of Attunement', Herkimer diamond can purportedly be used to help those looking to experience astral travel or have lucid dreams. They increase spiritual energy and open up the crown and third eye chakras. It is thought to be the gemstone of the intellect, and to aid in preventing misunderstandings. It is also believed to provide clarity of thought, encouraging the resolution of problems which comes with clear understanding.

Sterling Silver has a long history of use in healing practices. It is associated with the water element and the Moon. This metal is connected with feminine energy and deities such as Isis, Diana, Luna, Selene, and Lucina. 


Size: 5

Band is .925 Sterling Silver 


  Crystals are natural and may contain natural flaws and variations, we do not refund for items with natural flaws and variations.

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