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Neopets: The Official Tarot Deck


Your favorite Neopets—now on a full deck of traditional tarot cards. This tarot deck features an all-new box and card layout with a Faerieland theme, so you can channel faeries like Jhudora, Illusen, and Fyora for guidance. With an illustrated guidebook to help you interpret your cards, this officially licensed Neopets deck will inspire you to reflect on life and its many quests.

Neopets: The Official Tarot Deck is perfect for returning fans and neo-stalgic players. Originally published by Geekify, this new variant of the Neopets tarot deck focuses on Faerieland and its faeries, with an all-new box design and card backing by artist Aimee Scholz that's exclusive to this edition.

Impress your friends and family with your fortune-telling skills. This officially licensed Neopetstarot deck features 78 of your favorite characters from Neopia, as well as a guidebook to help you thoughtfully interpret your cards. Each illustrated card combination will offer guidance, insight, and reflection with the help of the Neopets faeries. The deck contains all of the traditional major (22 cards) and minor (56 cards) arcana. It can be read as you would a Rider-Waite deck.


  • Sturdy and giftable box
  • Illustrated guidebook
  • 78 full-color tarot cards

This is officially licensed merchandise from © Neopets 1999-2024 All Rights Reserved

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