Witch's Way Craft

Red Jasper Rune Set


Red Jasper is said to increase emotional stamina, self confidence, self-trust, emotional protection, courage, balance, calm and relaxation. Red Jasper can also be used for increasing memory of dreams and also increasing sexual vibrancy.

Runes are a form of oracle. Cast them for guidance. They do not give direct answers, they show you causes and options for an outcome. Use these to strengthen and ties your intuition. Blindly pick out your desired number of runes (typically 1, 3, 5, 9) out of your bag, hold them in your hands and breathe, finally scatter them to receive your message!

Comes in a black organza bag with 24 rune carved red jasper pieces, 1 open red jasper piece, a scroll of directions and a rune alphabet sheet

Crystals are natural and may contain natural flaws and variations. We do not refund for items with natural flaws and variations.


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