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Soulshine and Moonbeams Sagittarius Blood Moon Florida Water


Florida Water is a spiritual cologne water used as a body splash or room freshener and also used in spiritual practices for cleansing and clearing energy.

This Florida Water was made during the Sagittarius Full Moon. A common theme in messages received around this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse involved closing doors. Not just releasing what no longer serves us, but fully closing the doors behind us in order to keep us from looking or turning back and to leave room and focus for all the new lessons, adventures, and doors that lie ahead. This Florida Water was made to harness those intentions, although it was made the evening after the eclipse and wasn’t charged under the moonlight in order to limit the chaotic energy to just the right amount to make us shake up our lives in necessary ways while not inviting total chaos in. It is meant to help us truly let go of what no longer serves us in meaningful and lasting ways, and to help us find what comes next and which door to step through back out of the void to move forward.

Ingredients: vodka, carnation, calendula, butterfly pea flower, bergamot, clove, rosemary, sage, saffron, Cinnamon, orange, mandarin, cranberry, amber

-Spot test on skin for allergies/sensitivities.


Made locally in Pennsylvania by Soulshine and Moonbeams

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