Witch's Way Craft

Sterling Silver Baby Octopus Post Earrings


Add mystery and allure to your style with these sterling silver baby octopus post earrings. Her tentacles spiral and curl beautifully, her smooth round head and sweet little eyes looking up at you - such a cute little cephalopod. 

The octopus is born into a watery realm. And, like the water itself she is ever changing, shifting, and hypnotically wafting under the push and pull of the moon. To survive she's become a master of camouflage, notoriously fluid, intuitive and regenerative.

The shape-shifting octopus reminds us nothing is as it seems. Beyond our physical plane there is a vast realm imbued with subtle wonder and shimmery brilliance. Make the octopus your talisman, and take a peek behind this veil of reality for yourself.

925 Sterling Silver

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