Witch's Way Craft

Sterling Silver Eye of Horus Pendant


This sterling silver eye of Horus pendant draws you in with its stylistic and graphic lines. Composed of three elements - the eye, the tear, and the spiral - it's a powerful symbol of solar energy and strength. 

In the Egyptian pantheaon, Horus is the all-seeing one, where the eye is the sun. It is the opening through which all light emits, allowing all things to be illuminated.  And in classic duality, the eye of Horus is also a gateway into the unseen, mysterious realms of life and death. The tear refers to Horus' sacred animal - the falcon, another powerful sun symbol, and the spiral represents Ureaus, a fire-spewing serpent that protects Horus, Ra the pharaoh and all of Egypt.


925 Sterling Silver 

Chain Sold Separately 

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